The Business Management (6N4310) course is a QQI Minor Level 6 qualification
for those who are new to, or wanting to work in a management role and understand the function of management within the business environment.

The course covers:

  • Many different business environments and links into different organisational theory and strategy. At MIDAS Learning, we work with learners to help define external factors affecting a business and how to audit and analyse internal factors and critical issues to succeed.
  • Exploring different management roles, functions and processes – we facilitate learners to define best practice in business management, communications, workflows, HR and operational functions.

This Certificate in Business Management is ideal for persons who wish to acquire management skills with little or no previous experience.


  • Managers and team leaders who wish to gain an insight into organisational theory and strategy and look to make positive changes within their workplace
  • Individuals who have an interest in a management position, are self motivated and may wish to pursue management as a career
  • Persons who have management responsibilities in organisations and may be/ wish to be involved in the design and delivery of business strategies
  • People who wish to gain a formal qualification in business management with an option to progress to third level



This QQI Level 6 Business Management covers all aspects of business management within any business, large or small. Learners will explore organisational theory and strategy, and also cover some HR, business management functions, workflows, communication processes, techniques and tools and devising a management process, including KPIs.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand organisational strategy, structure and entity (e.g. vision, purpose, mission, aims, objectives, types of businesses within different environments etc)
  • Explore the concept of change management and how it affects the organisation
  • Demonstrate how an organisational analyses their internal and external environments using a range of analysis tools, including SWOT and PESTLE analysis
  • Explore different roles, processes and functions of management and its influence in the successful operation of the organisation!
  • Investigate different management and leadership styles and assess suitability within different environments!
  • Focus on the human resources function within an organisation, and demonstrate their roles in relation to managing people to include recruitment, selection, competency analysis and performance appraisal skills
  • Evaluate a range of business management techniques to assist in management decision making, communication and the development of appropriate workflow systems and also the role of monitoring and evaluating KRAs/ KPI’s
  • Develop the academic and vocational language, literacy and numeracy skills related to business management!


QQI Level 6 minor award in Business Management (6N4310).


  • 2 assignments (20% each)
  • Project (60%) that must be submitted.


  • Three options – Classroom, Blended and In-house.
  • Delivered over 120 hours (including independent study and assessment).
  • Delivered over 5 days/8 mornings


€495 for module. Reductions are available for those who want to do 2 or more courses to reach the QQI Level 6 full major Advanced Business Management award (6M4985). Grants are also available.


Upon successful completion of the QQI Level 6 Business Management 6N4310 course, the learner will be able to utilise a range of business management techniques and possess the necessary skills related to business management. Mapped onto the National Qualifying Framework at level 6, this module can be used as a minor award towards gaining a full major award in many different Level 6 programmes, including the Certificate in Advanced Business Management (6M4985). Graduates of this management course could also progress to level 6 courses in colleges and higher education providers. Contact our coaching department for help with an individual progression planning. Contact our coaching department for help with an individual progression planning.

Our people now understand where they fit in the whole process. We see this course as the cornerstone of people development and the certification was key to having a recognized qualification that fits into the framework of Training & Education in Ireland.

Maeve Kieran, Training Manager, Arc Royal Int

Our experience with Midas has been excellent – they were excellent in delivery and accommodated us with dates that suited us here for all employees.

Patrick Kevin, Gibney Steel Products Ltd

Mari is an extremely talented Career Coach and I won’t fail to mention MIDAS Coaching when I am asked how I figured out my career path. I have highly recommended MIDAS to many of my friends. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out my calling without their help, support and guidance which was given to me in abundance

Cliona McGowan

The course has benefited me on a personal and professional level – I now believe in myself and my business

Deverla McGee, Discovery Zone

The course has given back more that I could have every expected

Mary Morgan, Personal and Professional Development

The trainer was very approachable, and I felt relaxed. They provided lots of new information which will help me in my role as a trainer

Frances Loughran – Cert in Training & Development

We have availed of the services of MIDAS to deliver training programmes to a range of our employees. The service provided was to a very high standard and I would have not hesitation in recommending them to others

Tanya Clarke, HR Manager, Wellman Int

The Partnership with MIDAS has enabled us as a company to develop our leaders in-house allowing for succession planning and creating a career path from employee to teams lead

Maeve Kieran, Training Manager Arc Royal

MIDAS Learning customised, revised and added to the proposed programme, so that it over-delivered on our expectations. In addition, MIDAS Learning showed flexibility and creativity in their delivery style and methodology often undertaking a range of one to one sessions with individuals as needed. The team of trainers were professional and committed to the learners.

Deirdre Massey, Community Worker, South Dublin City Partnership

The MIDAS Coach also helped me to develop my career plan further and I have since gone on to complete other qualifications in training and education. MIDAS helped me in transitioning to a career that I love, and I highly recommend MIDAS as a Coaching and Training Provider

Jennifer Smith, Coaching

MIDAS Learning delivered the personal and profession development and coaching element of the Discovery Zone Programme. The outstanding results achieved to date by the programme, have been due, in no small measure, to the excellent & professional work of Mari, who has at all times 'gone beyond the call of duty ' in her work with the participants. Indeed, many participants have referred to their experience with MIDAS as life -changing.

Sean McEntee, Manager, Regional DkIT, Discovery Zone Course, Entrepreneurial Course

My experience with MIDAS Learning has been very beneficial to me. As an uncertified but experienced trainer, I found their training courses extremely engaging with plenty of interaction and feedback

Ciaran Reilly – Cert in Training & Development

Through the Certificate in Training and Development, I was able to formalize skills and techniques that I already used and learned how to train more effectively. The course was presented in lots of different ways and were very informative which kept the training interesting. There were lots of handouts and documentation provided, the course was tailored to suit and the assessments were very professional. All learners had great support from the Tutor and MIDAS Learning - I would highly recommend them.

Esme, Lead Trainer, Arc Royal

After one coaching session, I started to believe in myself again. She peeled back the layers and I liked what I saw. One of my Eureka moments! Mari helped me to clear the mist and see the shoreline. I'd still be sailing through the mist without her influence.

Robbie Richardson, Manager, Customer Focus, Customer Service Solutions

I got a better understanding of myself after doing the course. I realized where my strengths lay – I became more assertive and my self-confidence improved. I was able to go for the job that I had dreams about and was successful in getting it

Dave Gilbride, Participant, Cert in Team Leadership

MIDAS helped me collate an incredible CV that I was proud of, taught me how to complete and adapt the application form and helped me prepare for my interview, which I got. When I was going for additional promotions, I went back for a refresher. Best money ever spent

Nicole O’Brien

The Tutor was extremely helpful and explained everything in a clear and easy way

Tim Davis, Book-keeping and PayrolBook-keeping and Payroll

As a person who took the decision to re-enter education as a mature student, I don’t think I could have picked a better course to attend. I was very apprehensive about taking on the QQI Special Purpose Certificate in Training and Development. From the outset the tutor made me, and the rest of our group feel at ease. If I had anticipated the level of support from Mari and her team, I would have enrolled for this course a long time ago.

Gerard SmythCertificate in Training and Development

Clearly delivered in a relaxed and professional environment

Linda BradyReception and Administration Skills 2 in 1 course

I learned a new way to interact and communicate. Good course, well thought out and good delivery system

Ivan McQuaidTeamworking and Personal & Professional development

Before coming to MIDAS and engaging in the course, I hadn’t worked in 8 years, and I had given up on the idea of ever working again. I had a family but felt stuck on Social Welfare as I had a disability. MIDAS gave me the motivation and helped build up my confidence, they also gave me the direction I needed to focus on my career again. I am just finishing a level 8 course in Addiction Studies in Maynooth University. I’ve great hope back in my life and I can’t thank MIDAS Learning enough

James O’NeillCert in Employability Skills

The most important aspect of the programme was the invaluable insight provided by the career coach through exercises, tests and advice. The work that we did on the course is essential to all of us.

Gerard ReillyUnlocking Potential Training Programme

The tutor was excellent in her delivery of the course and the pace she went, as our employees were all at different levels in EXCEL.

Patrick Kevin - Gibney Steel Products, Co Meath

No jargon, very well structured and thought out

Kathleen TuiteEntrepreneurial Skills

I learned a new way to communicate and interact with additional needs of children and adults. Good course. Well thought out and good delivery system.

Ivan McQuaid – Lámh

As a consequence of the training, we do not have to buy in team leads any more- there is a pool of competent people ready for progression both in the production and training department that supports the quality and regulatory side of the business.

Maeve Kieran, Training Manager, Arc Royal Int

I contacted MIDAS when I was applying for a promotion at work to help me with my interview skills. I spoke to a coach, and she got me to undertake a psychometric test focusing on work. The follow-on sessions were fabulous. The report got me to recognize my competencies and gave me the confidence to acknowledge the skills I had innately and as a consequence of my experience.

Nicole O’Brien

I was very nervous when it came to interviews and couldn’t seem to get promoted even though I was qualified for the job. When I went to MIDAS, they brought me back to basics and addressed some of the issues on the CV and updated it as part of the process. They also helped me define why I was the right person for the job by highlighting and shing a torch on my competencies and capabilities

Cliona McGowan

have attended courses in the past where it felt like a tick box exercise, but not with MIDAS. I enrolled for the course with no clear vision of what I wanted and came away with a recognised qualification and launched my own business Attending the course and receiving a distinction in both modules has been a life changing experience and I would highly recommend doing this course with MIDAS.

Gerard SmythCertificate in Training and Development

Having spent almost two decades working in the hospitality industry, I wanted to further my career path. I came to MIDAS for career coaching and completed my QQI Special Purpose in Training and Development. As part of this, the trainer worked with me to design and develop a course specific to my industry experience which meant that I could train others in my area of expertise.

Jennifer SmithCertificate in Training and Development

The Tutor made the course very enjoyable and comfortable and if they did not understand something, she was extremely willing to explain further. We would be delighted to recommend MIDAS Learning in the future.

Dave GilbrideCert in Training and Development