See below some of our most frequently asked questions

How is the course delivered?

Midas Learning courses are delivered in several different ways

  • Blended Learning: A blended learning course is a flexible way of completing your study, combining online aspects with experienced tutor-led sessions to allow for an accessible learning style. Blended learning is fast becoming a core part of any learning strategy. 

We combine face to face learning activities but online learning components either delivered through Zoom/Microsoft Teams and Moodle. 

  • Classroom/Workshop learning: MIDAS Learning traditionally engaged only in classroom /  workshop sessions,  carried out either in-house within an organization or in a public/private training room. For all our Classroom based learning, we present location, dates, times and practicalities to the learner prior to the course starting start date. 
  • Online learning: Online learning is training and development that takes place over the Internet or web. It is a form of distance learning, and many interactive tools are used to develop these courses.   

All learners will be contacted with the outline overview methodology and practicalities of the course prior to initiation.

Do I need experience to attend?

There is a prerequisite for many of our courses. Please check our learner profiles to identify the criteria needed to attend some of the courses. If you are unsure off whether or not this course is suitable for you, please contact our career progression coach who will advise you on the most suitable courses. They will help you identify the skills that you may need prior to undertaking the course. 

What do I need to attend training?

For most of the courses you will need access to the Internet, broadband and a computer. Also, it is important that you have basic written and computer literacy skills. All resources, handouts, workbooks and access to a library will be made available to you through our LMS (Learner Management System).

You will have access to this LMS on successful application of the course.

Who delivers the course?

MIDAS Learning work with a team of trainers/experts, who are not only certified training professionals but carry extensive qualification and experience in their chosen training field. 

Do I receive tutor support?

MIDAS Learnings’ workshop and blended learning Courses are all “tutor-lead” courses. This means that you will have access to a tutor for the duration of the course. The tutor’s role will be to support you to complete the course, answering any questions you may have with regard to content, delivery and the assessment process. 

You will be given a “Learner’s Manual” for the course you applied for. This will help you understand the supports that you will have as part of the course. It will give details of how to contact your Tutor, what to do if you have any additional queries our issues as well as the practicalities of the course e.g. dates, times of classes and what to do if you need further support. 

Do courses count towards a formal qualification?

MIDAS Learning is a QQI accredited centre, a Pearson accredited centre, a SAGE, ECDL and MOS accredited centre and an Emotional Coaching™ accredited centre. Most Accredited courses are mapped onto the National Qualifications Framework (link to information here). Should you need any further information please Who We Are-Booklet-August 17.pdf (

What are the different Class Awards?

  • A Minor Award: recognises a range of learning outcomes in a particular specific course/ subject for learners, who have completed that course / award. The Certification has recognition in whatever level it was completed in and has relevance in its own right. It is in the combination of specific minor awards that make up the requirements for a major award. 
  • A Major Award: usually comprise of 8 minor awards / modules Link to Framework on site
  • A Special Purpose Award: has been created for specific relatively narrow purposes. The QQI Awards are an award type developed for specific courses. All special purpose awards comprise of one or more components. The special purpose award recognises that the learner has qualified in some area and this award may help them use that qualification in another sector e.g. Coaching, Training (i.e. the learner needs other qualifications/ experience to make that award viable).
  • A Supplemental Award: is for learners who have already obtained a major or special purpose award. They may need to refresh and/or update their qualification due to changes updates in their profession. It forms part of continuous education and training with respect to an occupation/profession.

What software do I use online for learning?

MIDAS Learning uses Moodle as a learning management platform. It is designed to provide learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system.  The learner will get access to the system prior to the course start date. They will be trained in the software and how to use it as part of the induction process. There are experts who will assist you, should you have any issues throughout your course.

What is CPD Accredited Course?

MIDAS Learning has designed and facilitated numerous Continuous Professional Development days over the past number of years. Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements