Developing Emotional Intelligence 6N2926


This is a minor QQI Level 6 course covering areas of Emotional Intelligence including the key theoretical aspects of reflective practice and coaching practice.

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The overall aim of this QQI minor award Developing Emotional Intelligence 6N2926 is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to understand the concepts of emotional intelligence and its importance in developing and educating leaders, managers and coaches within their personal and professional relationships, communications and behaviour. Topics covered include

  • Examine key emotional intelligence concepts including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and empathy
  • Evaluate the theoretical basis of reflective practice to include the key principles upon which the practice is based
  • Define key terms including reflective cycle, beliefs, values, personality types, continuous professional development (CPD), supervision, emotional intelligence
  • Explore the essential components of a strategy for ongoing reflective practice including supervision and CPD
  • Appraise the use of personal intuition, humour and energy during coaching
  • Assess the impact of own behaviours and thinking on the coach client relationship
  • Exhibit a coaching style that makes appropriate links between the beliefs, values and internal rules that guide decision- making
  • Guide a client through an appropriate process of self -reflection based on their needs
  • Implement the learning identified through reflective practice in enhanced behaviors and capabilities
  • Demonstrate a range of relationship building methods including building trust and rapport so that the client can develop self-awareness and insight
  • Exhibit a coaching style that facilitates an open, flexible style of communication between coach and client.

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