Group Work Theory and Practice 6N3669


The QQI Level 6 Group Work Theory and Practice (6N3669) course is designed for those who wish to be trained as Facilitators.

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The QQI Level 6 Group Work Theory and Practice (6N3669) course is designed for those who wish to be trained as Facilitators. Learners will gain the necessary skills and competencies required to help them facilitate teams /groups get the best from sessions, resulting in effective team and organisational dynamics. This practical course will help the learner understand the elements of group dynamics and engage with the theory and practice of facilitation and co-facilitation in group work in a professional organisational, social or community setting, ultimately equipping them to become a professional and effective facilitator. This course is an excellent addition for learners who have completed the QQI Special Purpose Certificate in Training and Development (6S3372) and need to explore further the role of facilitation to enhance this skill in order to get the best from groups and teams in different settings.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of group work concepts including roles, values, norms, task, process, dynamics, power, participation, conflict, life cycle, facilitation etc
  • Discuss key aspects of group work theory as it relates to task, process and group maintenance issues during the life cycle
  • Analyse challenges and issues in group processes during the life cycle
  • Discuss the parameters of the role and skills of facilitator including co-facilitation in working with a variety of groups for different purposes
  • Utilise group work skills and processes to promote group development
  • Demonstrate ability to use audio visual equipment and group exercises in group contexts
  • Implement group work sessions including planning, co-facilitating and evaluation
  • Utilise group work theory in the analysis of group processes
  • Analyse own engagement with groups as participant and facilitator
  • Demonstrate insight into ethical and power dimensions of group facilitation.

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