Microsoft Excel 2016: Set of 3 Interactive Courses


This course combines topics from basic, intermediate and advanced Excel 2016.

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In the lessons of the presented three courses dedicated to Microsoft Excel, you will familiarise yourself with the tools of this widely applied spreadsheet program. You will learn how to properly enter values to the cells of future tables and how to set their format. From these input values, you will further derive new data by calculating them through formulas, including the applied functions from various categories. You will learn to manipulate cell ranges and whole worksheets. You will adjust the appearance of created tables by setting the cell properties and by applying cell styles. You will analyse the entered data via charts and conditional formatting. You will learn to set the print properties before printing created tables and charts. You will also learn to sort and filter more extensive data and to calculate their subtotals. You will familiarise yourself with the data validation, the creation of scenarios and with the application of the Solver tool. You will learn to share workbooks and to set various levels of their protection. You will also examine the creation and usage of macros in details.

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