Microsoft Word 2016: Set of 3 Interactive Courses


This is a combination of the Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Word courses.

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The presented tools and procedures are divided into three individual courses according to their difficulty. After getting acquainted with the program interface and its manipulation, we will focus on the work with text and its formatting. You will learn to insert tables and other different graphical elements into the created documents and to further edit them. You will perform necessary adjustments before printing a document by setting its headers and footers and dividing it into sections. In order to achieve a professional appearance of your documents, you will learn to apply various templates, styles and themes. You will examine and try even more advanced techniques, such as recording macros or creating forms. You will set a document protection and learn to work with comments and to track performed changes when reviewing a document. You will familiarise yourself with the mail merge used to send multiple standardised letters at once. You will also examine the application of building blocks and fields. review the content

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