Psychology 5N0754


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The Psychology (5N0754) minor QQI award aims to introduce learners to psychology as a science, psychological perspectives in everyday life as well as an introduction to psychological disorders. On completion the learner will have a general understanding as well as the knowledge, skills, and capacity to understand psychological processes and a deeper better understanding of psychology and how it relates to themselves and others in a range of contexts. Topics covered include;

  • Explain the main features, characteristics, core principles and concepts of two of the major psychological perspectives
  • Identify the main therapies, interventions, practical and ethical boundaries of each psychological perspective within care and other settings
  • Explain how each perspective contributes to an understanding of individual and group behaviour
  • Gain an understanding of the research methods and ethical issues involved in the study of psychology
  • Apply theory and research to work practice with due regards for ethics
  • Examine the nature of attitudes and beliefs
  • Apply skills/knowledge to typical work-based problems.

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