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The Brief

Smurfit International wanted to upskill a group of 25 staff on computers.

They contacted ICS who is ECDL’s provider and they planned to set up a center of their own but they found that the process was very combersome. They contacted MIDAS Learning as their local provider of ECDL in the Meath area.

MIDAS met with Smurfit and identified the Training Need and then created a solution around what exactly they needed which included modules from the ECDL programme.

The Solution

 The training delivery was a blend of online training and inhouse one on one consultation depending on each of the learners individual needs.

The tutor was flexible and adapted to the times and availability requirements of each learner as some would have been working shifts etc..

This was an invaluable element to Bespoke Training offered by MIDAS Learning and made a world of difference to everyone successfully completing their modules.

The MIDAS Learning tutor worked with every individual at the pace they were at. If they had issues with the actual process, the tutor provided additional support, additional books, manuals and one to one training so that each and every individual got over the line with their exams.

Learners that had previous experience, flew through the initial modules and completed all 12. While others decided to do the 7 core modules. The tutor was able to manage the needs of all individuals within Smurfitt effectively.

The Feedback

There were 5 learners who found ECDL a challenge and needed extra one on one support, encouragement and reassurance.  The remaining learners appeared to be comfortable with completing ECDL and required little additional support from the Tutor however, all needed a nudge/reminder as with all distance learning to keep going. Some of the comments from the learners were:

“As someone that is a bit older than the average student and has had no computer experience I found the ECDL really beneficial. It allowed me to refresh myself with the basics and I would particularly recommend it to older learners or those that maybe just need a refresher. It was easy to understand and there was always plenty of support and encouragement from Rachel from MIDAS. I believe it was excellent use of my time and I will definitely like to progress to other modules in the future”.

“ECDL has helped me significantly; using advanced features within Microsoft Office. At the end of receiving the certificate was very worthwhile. Even if you think you are good with computers there are plenty of new things to learn.” 

“The assessment is defined very clearly and the tutor from MIDAS was brilliant. It has been one of my most valuable experiences completing ECDL and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their Microsoft Office skills or to learn additional features.”

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was very well taught and Rachel explained it in a way for us to easily understand everything. We were given a lot of extra materials to prepare us for the exam. I would recommend this course to others and hope to complete other modules this year.”

If you feel that MIDAS Learning can help with an internal training need that you see, why not contact our Bespoke Training Specialist for a FREE Consultation on 046 9249618 Or email

We guarantee to provide personalised training design, delivery and evaluation so you get exactly the right approach to develop your people and your business.

Crucially, we’ll also ensure your people are engaged in the process so that what they learn transfers back to the workplace.

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