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Life coaching helps you find out what direction you need to take in your life. It helps you to see what might be standing in your way of getting what you want for example; it could be worry, stress, education, or lack of confidence. When you find out what it is then you can work on how you are going to overcome it with the tools provided by the coaching. 


2020 will always be known as the year that everything changed because of COVID. It has affected how we as individuals and businesses think and influenced all our lives. We are aware now more than ever that the future is not certain, and we need to become more resilient in terms of self-awareness and care. 


As individuals we need to 

  • Reflect on what is important to us personally 
  • Embrace self-care and reduce anxiety
  • Rethink our life work balance
  • Become clear about our values and visions for the future in different areas of our lives 
  • Clear past traumas / experiences and other internal obstacles that may affect how we live our lives  


As businesses we need to 

  • communicate operational changes initially internally bringing everyone on board
  • create a strategy to address employee wellbeing and welfare
  • Address and pivot the business to embrace organisational change and create a collaborative culture
  • Look to new styles of leadership and unique styles and approaches to address new workplace practices 


Consultants, coaches, and mentors can play a fundamental role in helping individuals, staff and management gain valuable insights and advice, helping them reflect on their own experiences, develop new skills, and set specific improvement plans for themselves. As leaders we need to understand how to  

 boost our employees’ confidence and skills through communication and work practices and performance during these turbulent times.


The wonderful thing about life coaching is that there is an underlying belief that we already have all the answers internally. Coaching helps us figure out how to get to identify and explore them. Once we figure out what is standing in our way, we can start to make the changes and begin that journey. Life coaching also keeps you motivated and helps you to see the bigger picture as we can get stuck in our own heads, unable to make decisions if things are not clear. We can forget that we are “in charge of” our own lives when we are under pressure. We often forget that there is more than one option and that we have lots of choices in life. To help us get back to ourselves, coaching can enhance our lives in the following ways:


  1. Coaching will ensure and enhance personal satisfaction and develop engagement with the client on their journey, supporting personal and professional goals. 
  2. Coaches can help individuals on many different aspects from career, money, spirituality, relationships, health and wellbeing.  
  3. The process of coaching cannot be underestimated as it can motivate and initiate a change in behaviour, self-confidence and attitude. People work better in teams and understand the importance of building relationships and trust. Coaching helps individuals develop their skills in leadership, self-management and learning, increasing resilience and self-awareness
  4. Coaching encourages self-directed thinking and independence, which impacts on optimisation, efficiency and innovation


The key is to act. Without action coaching does not work. We must work on steps to achieve our goals after defining them or in many cases redefining them.  Coaching allows you to look at any fear or anxiety you might have around certain situations and identify helpful strategies to help you cope with these in the future, so they do not block you from getting what you want. 


Life coaching allows us to plan, work through the plan and review as we go on that journey to self-discovery and success. When you achieve your goal, you realize what you are capable of, and you set another goal and so on. Remember you have all the answers to your life and the coaching helps you find them!


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