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So your company has finally decided to invest in learning and development programs for your employees. This is a step in the right direction and it would definitely reap huge benefits. But there’s a problem — the employees are not too stoked about them.

Your employees’ lack of enthusiasm may be seen in various forms. Maybe some of them would voice out their opinions that they’d rather not. Or maybe a handful of employees would attend the program but would just sit there passively, maybe just staring at their phones, not even listening to the trainer. Or you’d even have one or two who would just not show up at all.

This can be quite a problem because it may make other decision-makers in your company lose faith in the many gains learning and development programs bring. Of course, it goes without saying that employees not being involved in these programs is a huge waste of money as well. So what are the reasons that employees don’t involve themselves in training and development programs?

Lack of motivation

Frankly speaking, most learning and development programs are terrible since they only focus on how the company can profit off the training that the people will go under, which explains the lack of motivation for most employees.

Remember- revenue is second, and people first; the profit follows if your people are happy and well-equipped with the skills they need to work.

The trainers are not a right fit.

Before committing to a trainer to train your team, make sure that they’re just right for the program. Do your research, check their credentials and certificates, and don’t be afraid to shop around if they’re not the best solution for your company.

It isn’t the right program for them.

Last but not the least, the program is probably not applicable for them. Make sure to touch base with your people often, ask around for what they truly need, hold town halls or maybe set up a survey. You’d be surprised how much you can improve your organization based on the experienced opinion of your team.


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