Special Purpose Certificate in Life and Workplace Coaching 6S3153


This QQI Special Purpase award is made up of 3 Level 6 minor awards – 6N2925 Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics, 6N2926 Developing Emotional Intelligence and 6N3087 Coaching Models of Practice.

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The overall aim of the Certificate in Life and Workplace Coaching Special Purpose award is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge skill and competence required to provide life and or workplace coaching in a variety of contexts. Becoming a qualified Life and Workplace Coach, you need to be able to draw from experience and expertise in a specific area, whether it’s life skills or another competency (e.g. – Business, Sport, Management, Leadership, Advocacy etc). The role is a lot more than being a ‘people person’ with a desire to help others. There are specific skills needed to succeed in this sector, you also need to understand the coaching process, which are founded on explicit principles and ethics, as well as be able to define the functions and objectives of life coaching and the art of advanced and effective communication. There are 3 minor awards making up this programme. Upon successful completion of the 3 modules, the learner may achieve the required 45 credits, making up the Level 6 QQI Special Purpose Award. They will be a qualified coach on completion of all modules.

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